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Let us be your family's trusted source for produce direct from the farm. We help Central Iowans who want a healthy diet by offering a membership in our farm. Members have direct access to the fresh vegetables, eggs, and chicken we harvest, and they have the support of an entire community to help them find new ways to enjoy it.
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Why our CSA is Different


Decide How Much & When

Customize your own share that fits your needs. Choose from 3 basket sizes and 3 weekly pickup days over 3 seasons.


Get Information & Recipes

Get special access to recipes. Also be a part of our private member community with direct communication with the farmers.


Feel Better

Take positive steps toward your health and know the source of your food.

Our Farm

Let Us Come Alongside You

A farm membership can help you take positive steps toward accomplishing your healthy eating goals just like it did for us. We used to eat a lot of processed food, but we’ve really transformed our diet and love to help others who want to do the same. I felt guilty for not feeding my family more vegetables, but I couldn’t tell a zucchini from a cucumber. I certainly didn’t know where to start to form new, healthy habits. Then some friends came alongside me. They cooked with fresh vegetables and herbs, and I learned that it wasn’t so hard and it tasted so much better! But that kind of diet grew into a habit only after we became members at a farm that supplied us with a weekly basket of produce. Week after week, we got to try new things. Week after week, we fell in love with the flavor of farm fresh produce. So much that we now grow it for over 80 families at our own farm!

Our Farm is For You

You want healthy, wholesome food for your family. So do we.

Only Heirloom Varieties

Our seeds have a history, chosen for generations for their beauty, flavor, and natural pest and disease resistance.

No Soy, No GMO Feed

Our chickens love their high-quality feed! It includes flax, whole grains and seeds, but no soy and no GMO grains.

Animals Raised Outdoors

Fresh air and sunshine for everyone at our farm!

No Antibiotics or Hormones

Clean meat and eggs, just like the old days.

Building Soil Health

We do all we can to make nutrients available to the crops by adding probiotics for the beneficial soil microbes and by keeping tilling to a minimum.

Row Covers

Covering crops at critical times helps keep pests away without using chemicals.


No conventional pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Beneficial Insects

We create and maintain habitat for predatory insect helpers.

What We Grow


We grow over 70 heirloom varieties of vegetables, herbs, and melons for our members throughout the season.

BeetsBok ChoyCarrotsKaleLettuceMelonRadishesTurnipsTomatoes


We raise our meat chickens on pasture, regularly moving them to fresh grass in mobile chicken coops. The coops have no floor, so the birds have constant access to the grass and insects they love to eat. The coops provide protection from predators while allowing access to fresh air. Our supplemental feed is unmedicated, soy-free and non-GMO, but not certified organic.

Delicious FlavorUnmedicatedFree RangeNon-GMO


Our hens are pasture-raised (free-range within a large fenced area with shrubs, grass, weeds, and insects). Supplemental feed is non-GMO, unmedicated, and soy-free. Flax seed is included in the supplemental feed to boost omega-3’s. Eggs are unwashed and unrefrigerated.

Pasture-RasiedFree RangeNon-GMOSoy-FreeOmega-3
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Farmer's Blog Posts

Sep 17

Farmer Lori's Kitchen Notes

One of the best rewards of farming is getting to eat a meal like this. The green beans, lamb, and potatoes were all raised on our farm.

Sep 17

Farmer Matthew's Field Notes

I am so grateful for how God has provided for the farm this year even with drought that we have been experiencing. The amount of each crop we have available and the number of different of varieties of crops we have available this year is truly remarkable.

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The best part about what we do is that we get to regularly talk with the people who eat what we produce. We’d love to talk to you! Come out and visit the farm or give a call. You can also stay in touch with life on the farm by subscribing to our mailing list.
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