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Arugula is dark green, peppery leaf that works well in salads or as a cooked green. Storage Tip: Refrigerate in plastic and wash before eating or wash, dry, and store in plastic for later.


Beets can be eaten raw, roasted, steamed, grilled, boiled or baked. The greens can be used like spinach or chard. Some people say there’s no need to peel the roots, other say they taste too much like dirt if you don’t. Everyone agrees cooking them in the peels makes them easier to peel. Beet juice can stain, so wearing an apron while prepping them is advised. Storage Tip: Separate the greens from the roots. Refrigerate the greens in a plastic bag and use soon. The roots will keep well for weeks in the refrigerator in a paper or perforated plastic bag.

Bok Choy

Bok choy (aka pak choi or Chinese cabbage) can be eaten raw, steamed, in soups or stir-fried. The stems can be eaten like celery, paired with peanut butter or cheese. Storage Tip: Keep it in its plastic bag. It should keep well for a few days and may last for a week, but the longer you wait, the less perky it will be.

Herbs & Garlic

Many herbs store well in a glass of water at room temperature, like a vase of flowers. Change the water if it discolors, and keep leaves out of the water. Or, you can simply refrigerate your fresh-cut herbs in a plastic bag. Wash just before using.

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