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Farm Fresh Eggs

Our hens are pasture-raised (free-range within a large fenced area with shrubs, grass, weeds, and insects). Supplemental feed is non-GMO, unmedicated, and soy-free. Flax seed is included in the supplemental feed to boost omega-3’s. Eggs are unwashed and unrefrigerated.

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2021 Chicken Deposit

We raise our meat chickens on pasture, regularly moving them to fresh grass in mobile chicken coops. The coops have no floor, so the birds have constant access to the grass and insects they love to eat. The coops provide protection from predators while allowing access to fresh air. Our supplemental feed is unmedicated, soy-free and non-GMO, but not certified organic.

Batch 2: 7/30/21Batch 3: 8/20/21Batch 4: 9/10/21

Bearded Brothers Coffee

This is the best locally-roasted coffee we can find! Each variety comes from a single source; they don’t mix in cheap beans. So when you buy their Sumatran, Brazilian, Kenyan, or Bali, for example, each bag only contains beans from that country. The result is a high-quality coffee that you’ll love.

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